Geotechnical data is important to your model

Guest author Gary Morin, Keynetix

Atkins - Silvertown2

Image courtesy of Transport for London (TfL)

Geotechnical data: it is as important to your model as the building or the structure

How many times have you seen a floating building or structure when you see a model depicted? You know the actual model isn’t floating, so why is it shown this way? Why don’t we see the geotechnical part modeled? Some would say it’s too time consuming and difficult to integrate the geotechnical data.  But in the model above you see the geotechnical as part of the model in the Transport for London (TfL) Silvertown Tunnel project.

There is value in showing this geotechnical modeling. One of the major causes of project overruns and overspends is encountering unforeseen ground conditions at the construction stage. Using quality geotechnical data management and modeling techniques together with a thorough site investigation will greatly aid your understanding of the site and should help reduce those costly unforeseen…

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