Get the Most out of all that Software

At the end of July, 2016, Autodesk ceased the sales of perpetual licenses, the type of license everyone has been using going back as far as 1984.  One of the results of this deadline was that in the preceding months, many of our clients purchased new licenses or upgraded their existing licenses to Building Design Suite, usually Premium.  Whether or not you are getting the most out of these licenses is the topic of this blog.

If you want to actually deliver on the promises of BIM we have all heard about, read on.  If you are happy with the benefits you are seeing, if you feel you have maximized your ROI from the software and time you have invested, don’t bother.

Now that many of you have all of this software, the real challenge is to actually see the return (ROI) from using it.  We have been upgrading from AutoCAD to Revit to Revit Suite to Building Design Suite and now we are on the verge of moving to Collections.  But really, the common denominator to all of these is…

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