Happy August 1st! (Its the Swiss National Day)

We’re up in the beautiful Swiss town of Adelboden, our favourite local winter destination but also somewhere we try our best to visit in summer, too. We’re here to enjoy the mountains and celebrate the Swiss National Day.

(While I’m not personally Swiss – I hold a UK passport – the rest of my family is, and since the EU referendum I’ve decided it’s time for me to join them.)

August 1st in Adelboden

We’ve had a great few days up here. The weather has been mixed, this summer, but that also makes for spectacular lighting conditions.

Beautiful lighting

The other day it even seemed as though volcanic activity had started in the region.

Mount Doom

We’ve been taking the chance to go on some lovely hikes, several of them through peaceful Alpine forests.

A wild strawberryForest walks

With the odd waterfall, along the way.


Ah yes, and we mustn’t forget the cheese. We went to our favourite local cheesemaker on Elsigenalp to stock up for the coming weeks.


That’s it for this quick celebration of a few of the reasons I love living in Switzerland….

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