How do you share large BIM files today?

Sharing BIM Files

How do you share large files at work? We’ve spoken with BIM consultants, designers, project managers, engineers, and others who have had trouble sharing large files in the past, and many still do. Before cloud storage and computer networking, we would share computer files on a floppy disc, CD, or a USB stick.

But we’re not interested in reviewing the old ways of  sharing large BIM files–we want you to know the best way to share large BIM files.

As more and more people use cloud services  to store and share files, many industries have adopted customized cloud tools to share their work.

We’ve outlined the different tools that people in architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing use to transfer and work on large files, and the benefits and pitfalls of each.

Networked Solutions

On-premise servers have gotten a bad rap lately, and they kind of deserve it. We’re not talking about Hillary’s email server, we’re talking about enterprise level security…

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