How To Fill The Gaps In A Revit Fabrication Model With Route & Fill Tool In Revit 2017

This revit video highlights the new feature of Route and Fill in Revit 2017. With this new feature of Revit 2017, the MEP designers will be able to fill in the gaps in a Revit Fabrication Model for ductwork, pipework and electrical containment.

Route and Fill tool can be used to affix parts amid two open connectors rapidly and conveniently rather than arranging parts sequentially. The Route and Fill tool offers one or more solutions on the basis of the service. You can narrow the number of solutions can be restricted by filtering the fittings which are already in use.

Given below some useful tips for applying the Route and Fill tool:

1. Choose a fabrication part that contains an open connector. If the chosen part contains more than one open connector, the connector, to be routed from, must be selected initially.

2. Click Modify | Fabrication Parts tab Edit panel (Route and Fill). While moving the mouse, Revit surveys the open connectors in the view that belongs to the similar…

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