How To Use Design To Fabrication Tool In Revit 2017

This is an exclusive presentation by Wm. Johnson, senior application specialist MEP/AEC Solutions. The video is based on how to design generic Revit MEP parts and elements and transform them Autodesk Fabrication Parts in Revit 2017 to organize a model for detailed coordination modeling and construction.

It is now possible to transform design level of detail model element to construction level of detail elements or LOD 400 fabrication parts by applying the design to fabrication tool.

One can modify selected parts or an complete duct or pipe network. The Design to Fabrication tool offers a streamlined workflow as it is not necessary to redraw the fabrication model from the beginning. The result of the conversion depends on the design line algorithm applied by the Autodesk Fabrication products, and applies the identical content accessible in the Autodesk Fabrication products.


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