How to use the parts tool in Revit to control your model

Parts in Revit facilitate to split specific elements out of the model into individual parts. These parts are then self-reliantly scheduled, tagged, filtered, and exported. Parts are also utilized to plan delivery and installation processes.

Parts are produced from elements with the following layered structures:

• Walls (exclusive of stacked walls and curtain walls)

• Floors (exclusive of shape-edited floors)

• Roofs (exclusive of those with ridge lines)

• Ceilings

• Structural slab foundations 

Parts are based on elements and updated automatically. Parts are reproduced if the primary element from which they are formed is revised. Alterations include inserting or deleting layers, modifying wall type, layer thickness, wall orientation, geometry, materials, or openings.

While removing a part, it will also remove all other parts obtained from the primary element.

To generate parts out of a wall assembly, choose your Wall and then opt for the Create Parts tool. It will then…

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