Revit 2017 Content Not Installed Correctly

Problem: Your Revit 2017 installed old content. Revit now upgrades all Templates and Files every time you open or load. Some 2017 features like Structural Connections are not working.

Possible Solution from Autodesk Support:

A.Open Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > and if you see Revit 2017 content library listed there, please uninstall it.

B.Download Revit 2017 installer from Autodesk Virtual Agent as follows:

  • Download AutoCAD 2017 installer from virtual agent.
  • click on Download Links
  • click on Revit Products
  • then on Autodesk Revit
  • select the appropriate product and click the link to download. 
  • Note: you need to save both parts of Revit 2017 installer in the same folder (e.g. C:Autodesk).  Then double-click on the first file (the file that has 001 in its name) to start the product installers extraction process. 

C. Install Revit Content Library 2017 as follows

  • Logon as an Administrator. 
  • Empty your TEMP folder.  To open the TEMP folder, type %TEMP% in the…

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