Successful Healthcare Architecture Needs Robust MEP Systems’ Coordination

MEP Systems Coordination for healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare facilities being designed and developed today are very different in structure and nature from the ones built a few decades back. The change has been driven by advancements in medical facilities, as much as in the view of design as a tool to resolve problems. That said, one also needs to consider that the life cycle of a building is not designed for a short-term use; 50 years on the minimum side, with renovations & modifications keeping with the changing needs of the healthcare facility.

In an ideal scenario, all the stakeholders of such a facility would be looking at the best value design, rather than one that just costs less or compromises on design to enhance capacity. A healthcare facility, or a hospital, is a typically patient-centric building. This fact makes it widely different from commercial & residential buildings. This also makes it a very high maintenance building.

While medicine facilitates a better patient survival…

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