Summer Interns Imagined, Designed, and Created a Mechanical Octopus using Fusion 360


As I have mentioned in previous posts, we had some summer interns working to put Fusion 360 through its paces and report back to our CEO and the Fusion 360 team. Here is the final project for 3 of them.

  • Ali Ahmed

    Ali_ahmed2 George_washington

    Ali is working on his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He will graduate from George Washington University in 2018. He has lots of experience with AutoCAD and 3D Printing. One of his projects was using MATLAB to compute a more optimal gearbox ratio for a Baja race vehicle and then designing, fabricating, and installing the metal gears. He’s even mentored a freshman-founded company that is developing a 3D printed violin.

  • Connor Freeman

    Connor_freeman2 Berkeley

    Connor attends UC Berkeley, majoring in mechanical engineering, and will graduate in 2018. He has experience with AutoCAD, Fusion 360, and MATLAB. He’s a shop assistant at school, so my guess is that he’s seen other students make every kind of fabrication mistake that can…

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