Technology Trends with Benefits – Changing Technology of Autodesk Alpha and Betas

Having been involved with Autodesk betas for almost 19 years, and 5 years prior to that as a customer participating in multiple Autodesk betas I have seen a great deal of change in technology when connecting our product teams to our customers for pre-release testing. Over the years, the beta program technology has evolved from long days manually burning floppy disks and CD-ROMs and then shipping those out to people and then waiting for faxed or emailed bug reports to moving the betas to the Internet in 1998 and providing the software for download which greatly reduced not only the time to get the software to the beta tester but getting the feedback on the product such as reporting defects in online forms and discussions forums almost immediately instead of weeks later. Moving from shipping physical media not only saved time but it saved money.

More change and choice is coming with the cloud and remote hosted technologies providing exciting possibilities. Imagine clicking a link in…

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