Two years ago I was seriously overweight to the point where I had full-blown type 2 diabetes.  I just didn’t know it yet.  In August 2014 my diagnosis was a couple of months away.  Or perhaps I did know, somewhere deep inside.  About 3 years earlier I had finally done what my children had been pestering me to do for years and visited a doctor for a general health check.  He told me that I was “borderline diabetes”, gave me the usual pep talk, and advised me to me to come back in 3 months or so.  That never happened, but I did walk around for another 3 years telling myself “I’m borderline, there’s still time, I can get this under control … but not tonight, I need my comfort food.”

What saved my life was a Health Day, organised my GAJ (my day job) and BUPA (the medical aid society)  That was when I got my diagnosis and where I met Dr Ghada from the Boston Diabetes Clinic.  Two things had changed.  Firstly was put straight on to daily injections.  Secondly she gave me very specific…

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