These 5 Revit Myths Need to Be Destroyed

Since I’ve started working with Revit, I’ve encountered a lot of resistance. From colleagues. Engineers. Project Managers. Associates. Interns. Clients. They told me that BIM and Revit was too complicated, it was not a design tool, that only drafters should learn it, that it took too long to build models, that the drawings were ugly, that it was too rigid, that it was only good for super specific projects, and on and on and on.

In the image above, the minotaur represents the BIM haters. The ones that keep spreading myths about Revit. Myths that stem from their own insecurity and resistance to change. We have to act like Thesus: destroy these myths and let the BIM prevail.


This is one of the highest ranking Revit blog post on Google:

Want to be an Architect ?; Don’t Learn Revit.

For the author, there is a choice: become an Architect or become a BIM monkey.

In this vision, the architect is a romantic artist. He needs to protect…

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