Throwback Thursday Ooga Chaka Ooga Chaka

Dancing Baby
Yes, back in the late 90s there was a creepy Dancing Baby “Baby Cha Cha” that seemed to be all the rage on the young growing Internet. Jon Bell a colleague here in the Autodesk Lake Oswego office has been involved with the Autodesk 3d Max /3D Studio teams since the early beginnings and was able to find the source file for me. I just had to render it in the new 3ds Max 2017 for nostalgic fun and I was also planning to use it in an internal video project.



The Dancing Baby history and its animating in 3ds Max r3 released Character Studio is complicated, but the credit for the early Internet meme fame was due to an animator at LucasArts and the Character Studio and 3ds Max Teams.

See the Dancing Baby in 1998 in the television show Ally McBeal


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