Time for a new definition of BIM for Building Owners


What is BIM? Well, it all depends on who you ask. While there are lots of definitions of BIM out there, the practice of BIM continues to evolve and those definitions are not keeping pace. The inherent issue for building owners is, how do you get what you need from your design and build teams to support the stakeholders during the complete building lifecycle if no concrete definition exists? More so, how do you sort through the folks who are ‘delivering BIM’ versus the folks who are delivering BIM?

Is BIM simply a Building Information Model? It is way more than this. How about Building Information Modelling? It’s more than this too.

So what do we think is an accurate, clear description of BIM?

BIM is a process. A way of working that allows all participants including building owners to access, use, and rely on the inherent data created through the building lifecycle to drive the design, build, and operations process. It is an evolution away from the world of paper to the world…

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