What Are Your Back to School Resolutions?

back to school resolutions

Maybe I’m weird but I always liked “back to school”.

I didn’t always *like* school itself but come fall, I  would get excited when it was time to go back.

For me, back to school represented a fresh start. A new grade, new classes, new books and school supplies. After a summer of hanging out, relaxing and riding my bike, back to school was a time to buckle down, get serious and do some work.

When I was in primary school and even into college, I never made New Year’s resolutions. Maybe it was because I was in the Northeast. When New Year’s came around, I was already mid-way through the school year and there was usually a ton of snow on the ground. Not the best conditions for making optimistic proclamations.

No, for me, back to school is the time to make resolutions.

After I finished college, my first couple of years working felt like a grind. Though I enjoyed doing real architecture, I longed for the rhythms of the school year. I missed the build-up toward back to school, the…

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