Andrew HesselReddit Ask Me Anything on Biotechnology

Andrew Hessel of Autodesk’s Bio/Nano Research Group within Autodesk Office of the CTO recently held a very thought provoking Reddit Ask Me Anything session.

Andrew Hessel Reddit AMA 09/08/16

Andrew if you have not met him, is a very unique and brilliant researcher in his field and here at Autodesk working on big issues that truly impact our world like finding technology processes to cure cancer, disease,and other big challenges faces us as a species. He refers to the brain as nothing more than a “meat computer.” He works within an amazing group doing bio/nano research that people might not normally associate with Autodesk but in reality it is a perfect fit. As Andrew said in the AMA Better software tools and AI is a GIANT part of the reason why I work with Autodesk and not a traditional biotech company.”

The link to the AMA questions and answers since the AMA is over: 

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