Augmenting Reality in La Chaux de Fonds

I’ve been working with a number of local organisations to help prepare the 25th anniversary party we’re holding for Autodesk Switzerland in October. One of them is Robosphère, an association in La Chaux de Fonds focused on increasing awareness of the field of robotics.

When I was there chatting with Serge Bringolf – the chairman of Robosphère– a few weeks ago, I showed Serge the HoloLens demo I’d been working on. It included a robot, after all. This was Serge’s first exposure to mixed reality and he thought it’d be a good topic for a presentation at one of the association’s monthly members’ evenings.

About to start my presentation

So it was that on Friday – after a a week that turned out to be pretty intense, for various reasons – I went up to La Chaux and gave a presentation in French on “la réalité augmentée”. While my French is fairly decent, it’s rare that I use it to present technical topics. So it must have been pretty entertaining, and not necessarily in a good way….

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