Autodesk Revit Ideas (complaints) Site…

Hey, just learned about a place to post constructive ideas (rants) to improve Revit. I have posted a couple and will keep doing so. There are some really good top voted ideas on this site.

My general theme is…
Don’t give us a tool that will do ‘anything’. We have that, it’s called AutoCAD. Give us a tool that is specifically honed to produce the deliverables that we are required to create to make money. That’s why we jumped onto Revit in the first place.

At best the developers read the site and improve Revit. At worst we get to realize we are not alone. I think it’s a good start.

My wish is that all Revit objects have a property reporting on their facing direction based upon the True North.

This would be especially useful for Walls, Windows and Doors.


Almost every Building Department in North America requires a ‘Spatial Separation’ table. This shows the total exposed wall area, the total unprotected area (not fire rated) and a percentage of the two. This is required…

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