Bad Poetry Slam Winner

Just over a week ago I hosted a Bad Poetry Slam at Autodesk’s Lake Oswego Oregon office during the Fusion 360 Teams Beer Bust for some fun. We had several last minute entries and all bad bad bad. Several employees submitted poetry as well as one external submission from a reader of this blog. Some were listed as anonymous submissions while others took full responsibility for their literary creations.

While all submitted poetry was bad, one clearly sank to the bad poetry bottom which is a winner for this fun contest.It took a considerable amount of effort and 5 pages of poetry, but people were wincing and groaning especially at the end with its clever ending. In fact the winning poet said he could have gone on for 5 more paragraphs of painful poetry, thankfully he did not.

Warning:: Bad Poetry Below…

The winning poem by Andy “Not Shakespeare” Sears

It starts off like any other

I’m having fun, enjoying no slumber

it is late and I understand what needs to happen


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