Bentley to Autodesk: “Users Need a Choice”

When Bentley Systems announced its bold Autodesk License Upgrade Program, the company’s primary intention appeared to be siphoning Autodesk’s user base. The program is directed toward Autodesk users unhappy at being forced to switch to a subscription model.

The announcement caused quite a stir, inciting a somewhat prickly response on Autodesk’s In the Fold almost immediately.

Written by Carl White, Autodesk’s senior director of business models, the headline “Not So Fast Bentley: Separating Fact from Fiction” pretty much sums it up. Autodesk was very clearly displeased with the program, going so far as to call it “disingenuous” and suggesting that despite the sensational headlines, the program would not solve problems for customers.

Then it was Bentley’s turn to counter. In a recent press conference, the company addressed some of the confusion and questions about the program.

Bentley executives, including Bhupinder Singh, CPO, (left) and Carey Mann, CMO, (center) and Bob Hewitt, VP of business intelligence and sales operations, participated in a press conference to clarify details around the Autodesk License Upgrade Program. (Images courtesy of Bentley Systems.)


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