Creating & Organizing Sheets in Revit

As Draftspeople/Revit Technicians, its our job to create drawings. It’s true we create digital models and work in 3D, but at the end of the day our main deliverable’s are still 2D drawings on sheets of paper. In Revit, there are heaps of tools to help us create sheets quickly, and also help set them out so they are consistent and easy to read. In a complex project with maybe hundreds of sheets, these tools can be a great time saver but are often overlooked.

Creating sheets

Creating a new sheet in a project is pretty basic stuff. We can do this in a number of ways: First, we could right click ‘Sheets (all)’ in the project browser and select New Sheet.

Second, we could click on the View tab, and under Sheet Composition select the New Sheet button.

Guide Grids

And thirdly, we could create a Keyboard Shortcut and just type the shortkey to create a new sheet (I have set this up as NS).

This is all very well and good, but creating sheets one at a time can be time consuming – what if we…

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