Crown Harbor Homeowner Association Conversion of Irrigation System to Drip System to save precious California Water

I live in a home that is part of a homeowner association called Crown Harbor. The homes are townhouses in that each unit is part of a free-standing building that shares one wall with an adjacent unit. One could say that Crown Harbor condominium complex is based on a townhouse architecture — one unit is next to and/or immediately above another. The term condominium refers to the type of ownership where homeowners own the insides of their individual units, and the association owns the containing structure and the surrounding area called common area. As odd as this sounds, homeowners don’t own their garages or patios. These are referred to as exclusive use common areas. This means that no one other than the owner is expected to use the area, but the owner does not technically own it like he/she does for the inside of the unit. This allows some restrictions to apply. For example, if an owner wanted to convert his/her garage into another bedroom, this could be denied. The CC&Rs…

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