Happy Labor Day


Autodesk employees have the day off in honor of Labor Day. As noted on Wikipedia, Congress enacted the holiday in 1882 as “a day off for working citizens.” The holiday signals the end of summer. Many educational institutions start the new school year immediately after this holiday.

Tomorrow, we will get back to working on our technology previews.

From the This Day in History site, on this day, September 5, in:

  • 1774: The first Continental Congress assembled in Philadelphia.
  • 1882: 10,000 workers marched in the first Labor Day parade in New York City.
  • 1885: The first gasoline pump was delivered to a gasoline dealer in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  • 1906: The first legal forward pass in an American football game was executed by Brandbury Robinson to Jack Schneider.
  • 1953: The first privately operated atomic reactor started supplying power to Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • 1958: The first color video recording on magnetic tape was presented in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • 1960:…

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