How Specialty Furniture Manufacturers Can Benefit from Reverse Engineering?

Furnitu Rereverse Engineering

Furniture design firms develop high quality, special and original designs with a team of architects and interior designers. However, when it comes to manufacturing these complex designs, it is often a challenge. Replicating the design to create an actual product is often difficult and involves a lot of skills and tooling capabilities.

The usual workflow of developing furniture products involves design firms sending a prototype to manufacturers, who then study the product and try to replicate it by router duplicator to create a wooden mold. This mold is then considered as a reference to develop final products, ensuring accuracy in dimensions, aesthetics and features when compared with the prototype sent by the design firms.

However, this method is often not accurate. Manufacturers require performing trial and error methods to create a mold that is accurate for further applications. It requires fine-tuning the mold to ensure that the curvatures and surfaces in the prototype are…

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