In the name of Research: What’s in a name?


Research is a hot topic at Autodesk. Although we have a dedicated research team in Toronto, many parts of the company are involved in research. My coworker, Lisa Rotzinger, recently shared a paper that she was reading from The Journal of Design, Economic, and Innovation entitled “Communities of Practice in Design Research.” In that paper, the author noted that Ernest Boyer, a former president of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, provides some interesting definitions of research in his book Scholarship Reconsidered, Priorities of the Professoriate.

  • Basic

    Basic research looks for new knowledge by trying to combine observations into theory.

  • Integration

    Integration research looks for patterns within and across disciplines.

  • Applied

    Applied research is based on practical project use and is about validation, identifying what is missing.

  • Teaching

    Teaching research covers experimentally reflecting upon, examining, improving, and…

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