Leading Change: Bringing in BIM as an Owner


Leading change is never easy. Leading change when there is no industry standard and there are multiple stakeholders involved is more challenging yet. Below are five lessons Summit BIM has learned from helping building owners successfully implement a controlled BIM process.

When we talk BIM, we are talking about more than a building information model. We define BIM as a way of working that allows all participants, including building owners to access, use, and rely on the inherent data created throughout the building life cycle.

1. Understand the challenge

Moving to a BIM process represents a fundamental change in the way that project team participants work together. It impacts the role of each participant, the processes that they will follow, the protocols that must be developed, and the final deliverables. More about the evolution of deliverables further in this post.

2. Start with the end in mind

Know what you want from a BIM process. As you consider how you will use the inherent…

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