Quickly Get a List of All Design Files Used in the Current Navisworks File or Model

The Batch Utility in Navisworks is one of those powerful tools that is often overlooked. Like, did you know that you can easily export a list of currently appended files to a text document?

Here’s how (From AKN):

  1. Home Ribbon – Batch Utility (path to the current model is automatically added to the Input area)
  2. In the Output area, As Single File tab, click the Browse button.
  3. In the Save Output As dialog box, browse to the desired folder, and enter the name for the text file.
  4. In the Save as Type drop-down list, select the File List (*.txt) option, and click Save.

  5. In the Autodesk Navisworks Batch Utility dialog box, click the Run Command button.

You will get a nice text file output like this:

To Generate a List of All Design Files Used in the Current Model | Navisworks Products | Autodesk Knowledge Network

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