ReCap Customer Success Report for August 2016


Many of you may recall the technology preview of Project Photofly. The technology graduated to become Autodesk 123D Catch. The lead to the creation of a professional version called Autodesk ReCap 360. In addition to the photogrammetry previewed as Project Photofly, ReCap 360 lets you create accurate 3D models with multiple methods of reality capture. In this regard, ReCap 360 reality capture and 3D scanning software helps make building renovation, construction verification, and complex modeling projects more efficient.

ReCap 360 has already become so popular that there is an active community around it.

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Mitko Vidanovski is a Customer Success Manager for the ReCap 360 team. Much like how I produce my Technology Preview Strategy (TPS) Reports, Mitko produces a monthly ReCap Customer Engagement Report (undoubtedly with the proper cover…

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