SINDEX 16: Cuddly robots are the future

After the fun of participating in last week’s Hackathon, I headed across to Bern for SINDEX 2016. SINDEX is a biannual exhibition focused on industrial automation. I went to the last one and found it really interesting – well worth going back to, especially given my involvement in IoT and my interest in robotics. The event is probably a smaller, Swiss version of the Hannover Messe, although I’m only really guessing as I’ve never been there.

It was also a good chance to meet with a few companies who will be exhibiting their products at the upcoming Design Night Switzerland (which we’re holding to celebrate Autodesk Switzerland’s 25th anniversary).

One thing that really struck me, this year, is that many companies are placing big bets on collaborative – or personal – robots as being the future. Gone are the days that robots would be stuck in a cage away from humans: they’re now being given “cuddly” materials (such as neoprene or leather) and are equipped…

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