Skanska Norway and BIM 360 Field: A Resounding Success


The Statoil Pilot Project – A Success Story with Construction Technology

Skanska, one of the world’s most successful project development and construction firms, has been implementing BIM on projects around the world for many years. By utilising state of the art construction technology, they have been improving communication amongst project stakeholders, saving time, reducing budget, increasing efficiency and limiting risks.

When it comes to the implementation of BIM on Skanska projects, one country stands out with its strong and successful bond with BIM 360: Norway! Skanska Norway’s relationship with Autodesk has born through the implementation of BIM 360 Field during construction of one key project in 2011. The Statoil Building, seen above, was inspired by Mikado sticks.  It has spectacular architectural features, designed with five column-free shells that are three floors high.  The impressive building, completed with the help of BIM 360 Field, spans over nine floors…

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