Toronto and Boston

I arrived in Toronto on Sunday afternoon. Customs and immigration was extremely efficient – I just had to wait a while for my bag (one of these days I’ll manage to do an 8-day trip with just a carry-on, but not this time). Getting into downtown Toronto was a breeze, too, with the UPExpress from Pearson Airport to Union Station (I’m guessing UP stands for Union-Pearson). It even has free wi-fi – a blessing for international roamers such as myself.

Stunning Toronto

Despite its size – and Toronto is *huge* – the downtown area is surprisingly walkable. I don’t have a step counter, but I must have walked about 20 km over the course of my stay. Which is great.

Stagedoor at the TIFF

I stayed at the Pantages Hotel, which was right nextdoor to the stage door of one of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) venues. Several times when I walked past there’d be autograph hunters waiting for stars to exit and climb into their blacked-out SUVs. I didn’t end up seeing any, myself, but that’s OK.

It was…

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