5D BIM Bridges the Gap between Concept Design and Pre-Construction

5D BIM for Pre-Construction

The conceptual design and pre-construction phase often involves owners and architects discussing about the aesthetics, facility requirements, the need for new facility or changes required in the existing one. This discussion is usually done over rough sketches, which are ineffective in clearly defining the requirements and leads to increase the gap between conceptual design and pre-construction budget and scheduling. 5D BIM (Building Information Modeling) however, is turning out to be critical in closing this gap.

5D BIM involves extraction of construction information from intelligent BIM ready virtual building models. The 3D environment enables owners and architects to easily understand the impact of changes in the building design such as materials, layouts and other elements on cost and construction schedule.

Conventionally, the conceptual design phase and pre-construction phase often involves unplanned, less-detailed information that stretches the construction time and consumes…

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