A360 Release: Compare Changes between Design Versions and Do More with Your Files

Compare Design Versions

This week’s A360 release centers on improving designers’ understanding of design changes and providing more file operations within the product.  Read on for the full details of the improved experience:

  1.      Version CompareUnderstanding design changes in 2D and 3D

Understanding what has changed between two versions of a design is a challenge, especially for large, complex 3D models. This is especially challenging for design team leads, who may not use Revit, but want to review the latest project model in their browser. Today we are introducing a new tool that will help project managers, designers and QA/QC teams better understand design changes across versions of a file, whether it’s 3D models or 2D sheets. Using this tool, users can compare two versions of a design file and easily understand what was Added/Removed/Modified between the two versions. They can quickly browse through the list of changes or drill down into each individual change to see exactly what…

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