AR and VR in Zurich

I had a really excellent day, yesterday. I’d flown in from Munich, the night before, and stayed at the charming Zum Guten Glück restaurant/hostel in Zurich. After collecting my key I met Rob Morgan – who was also due to speak at the next day’s Expanding Immersive Design conference – and we headed out for the pre-arranged dinner together. After a slight Uber-snafu (there are two restaurants named Markthalle in Zurich – who knew?) we found the right place and had a very nice meal, enjoying highly engaging discussions with our fellow speakers.

Yesterday morning – rather than heading directly across to the ZHdK for the conference – I skipped the beginning to pop over for a quick meeting at ABB’s headquarters in Oerlikon.

The inside of the ABB building in Oerlikon

While there, I simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to film the virtual IRB 6620 dancing in the lobby of its spiritual home:



After making it back across to the ZHdK, I was very happy with how the event went. My presentation seemed to go…

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