Autodesk on Best Places To Work Lists

Autodesk often makes those Forbes lists such asĀ best places to work or most innovative companies:


Here’s another one on Great Place to Work where Autodesk was ranked as #8 on world’s best multinational workplaces:

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Hey Adecco GroupĀ (#7), we’re gunning for you.

When I interview summer interns, the first question that they often ask is “Why do you like working at Autodesk?” I like working at Autodesk because:

  • Our customers make things.

    Though Autodesk is a computer aided design (CAD) company, I am not a CAD guy. My master’s degree is in software engineering, so as a software guy, I could be working on any kind of software. I am delighted that the software that I do work on helps people design, make, and use places, things, and movies/games.


  • Our executive staff is smart.

    I trust our executive staff. Years ago, I made this video.


    I like that our executive staff is…

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