Autodesk University Socks

I was thinking over the weekend what would be easy and super fun at Autodesk University 2016 with what you wear and it hit me.
Crazy Socks!

Yes, it would be fun to flash the craziest socks anywhere at AU2016. Here are the bigfoot socks I am wearing today.
Shaan's Bigfoot Socks today
I get a lot of my stylin’ socks from local creative Portland Oregon sock company  Sock it To Me as well as Internet site Sock Drawer

Here are a few examples of my socks. From bicycles, the kraken sea monster, old PDX airport carpet, to bigfoot, and drinks.

Shaan's Socks

I will be wearing and flashing my fun and whacky socks at Autodesk University 2016, will you? Maybe you want to rock some tacosaurus socks to express your love of both tacos and dinosaurs.

Stay tuned for the post with the sign up for the social media mixer aka AU Blogger Social in the next 24 hours!

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