BIM Aarhus

When you work with BIM you know the importance of knowledge sharing. That is why the network BIM Aarhus, Denmark was delighted that Stefan Mordue accepted the invitation to speak at our network meeting on Tuesday 7th June.

Stefan is a NBS Business Solution Consultant and RIBA international representative, Newcastle, UK.


So what’s different in the way the British and the Danes implement the mandatory BIM demands? Depending on how you look at it, a lot and not really different.

The British UK BIM Mandate by 2016 has reached a high level of structure and the transparent implementation strategy, is impressive – among other there is a focus on communicating BIM to non-BIM experts. Being a small country with limited funds we are a little bit envious on organisations like RIBA and NBS with that kind of resources.


The Danish mandatory BIM demands have existed since 2007, but not with a government top down strategy. It is more of a bottom up drive from the large Danish BIM…

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