BIM Metrics for Owners – References

BIM Metrics WebinarIn my recent webinar, I outlined five simple metrics that can help building owners better prepare and implement BIM requirements and workflows as an organization. A few links of interest which were mentioned during the webinar are included below for reference.

I mentioned WeWork, a co-working startup who has focused on model-centric workflows augmented with real time operations data to make decisions. Here is an article that discusses the types of analysis and business decision support that is possible when combining a building model with operations data. The operations phase of a building is huge and when you think about worker productivity and the revenue per square foot, it quickly obscures other life-cycle building costs. Increasing even slightly worker performance, or reducing sick days, results in important benefits for a business. We know that the built environment influences productivity, but quantifying it has been challenging in the past. With new technologies being…

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