BIM summit 2016 Dubai

I spoke at our local annual BIM summit this morning.  It was a useful networking event with some interesting panel discussions and my talk just before lunch.  I chose to address the subject of BIM content so that I could elaborate on the short “rebuttal” that I will be giving in Porto next week at BCS Europe.  Here I am strutting about the stage at the beginning of my talk.

I sketched the diagram below to try to explain the current disconnect between active collaboration taking place on a daily basis between designers and manufacturers and a parallel set of BIM processes that are happening in a much more linear way to assemble “the model” that represents the decisions taken by designers.  I think we can, and must improve on this situation.

This slide suggests we might have to loosen our grip on the idea of a single building model as the only true BIM gospel, and embrace instead some kind of network of interconnected spaces that enable more “peripheral” stakeholders to enter the…

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