Demonic possession

Our Silverdraft Demons arrived from L.A. yesterday – they’ll form the core of the VR installation in the Autodesk Neuchatel office.

Today I had the chance to swing by the office to check them out: they were in our IT area being installed and bound to the network. I do like the idea of binding demons to a corporate network: hopefully they’ll stay within our control, this time.

The Silverdraft people included some fun schwag in the shipment. Here I am sporting a Demon beanie and a couple of stress balls. I’m definitely more excited than stressed, for now, but I dare say they’ll come in handy once I try to get everything working properly.

Demon schwag

These machines are amazing…

The Demons

I have a couple of HTC Vives waiting to be mated with them once the second system has been fully prepped. Hopefully I’ll find the time to make a start on it next week!

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