Design Night Switzerland on October 20th

The countdown is on… the first Design Night Switzerland is being held at la Case a Chocs in Neuchâtel on October 20th, 2016 to celebrate Autodesk Switzerland’s 25th anniversary. (It’s actually very timely, as la Case has celebrated its own 25th birthday, this year).

Design Night Switzerland flyer

The theme for the event is robotics: as I’ve mentioned before on this blog, some of the first automata – in fact the ones that inspired the movie Hugo – were invented in la Chaux-de-Fonds (also in the canton of Neuchâtel), so there’s a long history in the region. And with the world about to embrace digital fabrication and Industry 4.0, I believe it’s a very timely theme.

Beyond the cool theme, it should be a really fun evening…

Professor Dario Floreano from EPFL will take the stage to talk about Robogen – a robotic system that reminds me a lot of the work Autodesk is doing with Dreamcatcher.


You’ll be able to take Birdly for a spin, flying through the streets of SF or NYC.

Birdly 2016

F&P Robotics

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