Konigsplatz in Munich is a set piece of Neoclassical urban design by Leo von Klenze, court architect to the king of Bavaria.  I stopped off there, pretty much straight from the airport.  I thought it would be interesting to compare this rather formal, academic style with Soane’s more idiosyncratic interpretation of the classical orders.  My first shot illustrates the endless variation that is possible within the classical idiom.  Notice the frieze running around the neck of the column, somewhat unusual for an Ionic capital.

This is really a continuation of my previous post where I shared my “tips and tricks” from Washington.  The next one is from my second session. This is me on one of my hobby-horses, pushing the idea that we shouldn’t restrict BIM to our day jobs.  I like to think of the “BIM pencil” as an all-purpose thinking tool that can be used in any context where buildings are involved.  My current focus is historical research, but I’ve long thought that it would be…

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