Dynamo Basics: Runs, Previews, and Lacing

Now that most of my posts are focused around Dynamo, I have noticed that many people leaving comments here are trying to troubleshoot a problem that they are having in Dynamo. Even though this might not be the best forum for troubleshooting issues (I would recommend the Dynamo Forum, instead), I have also noticed some simple and recurring issues that multiple people seem to be having. So this post an effort to address some common Dynamo issues and point out some features that you might not know about.

When starting a new Dynamo file, one of the first things to pay attention to is the type of Run you are executing. This is important, particularly if you are using the Select Model Element(s) nodes, because Dynamo will freeze (and likely crash) if you try to use these nodes will running Automatically.


And I use these nodes all the time, so I always switch the Run over to Manual before connecting too many nodes.

As you start creating your definition, there are a few…

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