Forge Accelerator in Munich

This is the second time I’ve been at a Forge Accelerator this year in Munich, and it seems it won’t be the last: there’ll be another one in early December, adjacent to the European DevDay being held here, and I’m pretty certain I’ll be back across for that.

It was a fun, whirlwind three days. The weather was nice when I arrived at the office on Monday morning – here’s a view across towards one of the nearby buildings.

A nice Autumn morning in Munich

We had lots of participants, which was great. Here’s one of the rooms we occupied:

One of the rooms we occupied

The weather was nice enough on the first day for us to eat outside (the next few days have been rainy, unfortunately). Here’s a cheeky shot I took of Jeremy Tammik eating soup: in the UK if you tell someone they’ll be eating through a straw it’s considered very threatening.

Jeremy attacking his soup in a typically non-traditional way

I had the chance to sync up with Cyrille regarding our joint AR/VR presentation at the Autodesk DevDay before AU 2016 in Las Vegas. Both demos are coming together nicely, which is…

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