Is Architecture School Broken?

Very thought provoking article and interview with Los Angeles–based designer Peter Zellner. In the article, “Architecture Schools Are Failing. This Designer Is Calling For A Revolution”, Zellner posits:

Students are saddled with debt, schools aren’t teaching the right skills, and a patriarchal dynamic squashes free thinking. Maintaining the status quo comes at a risk, he argues. If the profession doesn’t change how it teaches aspiring architects, it risks losing creative talent to other fields.

And that’s just the opening salvo.

I’ll go out on a limb and suggest his solution of creating non-profit, tuition free architecture isn’t going to solve the problem. But there’s a lot to agree with in terms of the problem.

Full article and links over here.

If you know someone on the edge of studying architecture you might want to forward the link.

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