You lot really like to leave things to the last minute don’t you? Or were you all just counting on that extension of time?

Abstracts for RTCANZ were due to close last Friday night but after the last minute inundation of submissions and the many speakers who thought they could bribe committee members, we gave all our last minute would be speakers the weekend to finish off their abstracts. Apparently our site even went down Sunday night there was such a panic. But unlike fans trying to buy tickets to Crowded House, if you were in before 11.59pm Monday you are fine. Submissions are now officially closed.

While I won’t give away the exact number beer of submissions received, I can tell you that it was one of the best years ever, but that over FIFTY PERCENT were received since last Thursday! So now you see why I say last minute. So, we are asking you to tell us why? Maybe there will even be a prize (Wes, Chris, Phil -can I give prizes on this blog?).  Anyway I promise at least a packet…

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