My Own Little Garden of Edyn

Yesterday I blogged about one of our gallery exhibits.

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Even though it’s an Autodesk Gallery exhibit, I have not had any personal contact with anyone from the company. I just know the product from the exhibit. Well to put my money where my mouth is, I bought one. I simply went to their website and ordered it:


It arrived a few Sundays ago.

2016-10-09 10.33.03

I anxiously opened it.

2016-10-09 10.33.48

It comes with a simple instruction book that basically tells you how to push a few buttons to add it to your wireless network.

2016-10-09 10.34.34

I installed it in our garden by simply pushing it into the ground. No digging,

2016-10-09 10.52.16

I downloaded and installed the free iPhone app.

2016-10-09 10.52.55

The app tracks moisture.

2016-10-10 07.02.16

It also tracks light.

2016-10-10 07.02.40

It tracks humidity.

2016-10-10 07.02.50

It tracks soil nutrition.

2016-10-10 07.02.56

On Monday morning, I could see how the garden was doing.

2016-10-10 07.03.02

I know our soil is not great at holding water, and the device is confirming that. Even though we’ve had about an inch of rain over the last few days:

2016-10-17 08.53.40

In terms of…

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