October issue of Innovation Edge highlights free technology previews from Autodesk

It’s our final issue of Innovation Edge, our technology preview newsletter, available for your perusal. This brief publication highlights technology previews available to the community. Something people don’t always know is that technology previews are free. All we ask is that you try them and give us feedback on your experience. Trying something, liking it or hating it, but not telling us, is the same as not trying it.

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Each issue only features 3 technology previews. The issues were published every other month. As a historical record of past issues of the newsletter, I have created a page on my blog.


Technology previews have their home on the Autodesk Feedback Community site, the same site that hosts Autodesk Beta projects. Technology previews are open to the community at large and may be discussed publicly.

Thank to everyone who regularly received this newsletter. But most importantly, thank you for all of the downloads, site visits, email messages, forum…

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