Please Vote for Todd Rundgren to be honored by the Kennedy Center Honors Awards Committee

I don’t often use my blog to ask a favor. There was that time I asked y’all to send Christmas cards to our service men and women overseas, but this time, it’s more personal. I have been a Todd Rundgren fan since age 13. His music has literally helped shape me into who I am. So I would love it if the Kennedy Center Committee could honor his contributions to music. The nomination process is basically a popularity contest, so the more votes, the better his chances.

Please do me a favor and vote for Todd Rundgren.

Vote for Todd Rundgren

Here is a blog post on this topic that I wrote 4 years ago. For the reason, I noted his many contributions to innovations in music as well as the fact that he recently started a foundation to help bring music education to underprivileged children.


Thanks so much.

Personal indulgence is alive in the lab.

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